Creating thoughtfully distilled art to inspire presence, reflection, & connection. Empowering others through coaching & intentional, differentiated instruction.

Working with wood has been a source of peaceful intrigue since my childhood. When creating, I try to practice “presence,” or mindfulness, so I can stay safe and make the most of my time creatively. I strive to balance the seemingly opposite goals of absolute physical control and creative surrender. On my best days, I can zoom in on the finest material details, while also acknowledging how various elements might play to a piece’s artistic message. Approaching studio time in this way may not be the most productive in terms of volume, but it allows me to explore and fully understand things in a more satisfying way.

As an artist, I aim to create clean-lined forms with minimal distraction. I use grain, color, and texture to invite an intimate conversation with my work. I enjoy working within self-prescribed constraints, focusing my exploration to develop philosophical concepts into series. Currently, my work represents curiosities relating to water, energy, and the human spirit.

ELofstrom Namaste Swirl- action photo1.jpg

Eric's Introduction to Woodturning...

Eric’s earliest memories of creating with wood are in Grandpa's dirt floor, basement workshop; he had a special place at the bench, right next to the scrap bin. Eric grew up around woodworking, but had never learned about a tool called the lathe until the first weekend in October of 2001, while attending a free demo at a woodworking store in Sumner, WA. It was here that his woodworking trajectory changed and the woodturning adventures began. A demonstration on turning pens and letter openers was all it took to hook his curiosity. Creating shavings on a lathe consumed Eric’s thoughts for the next few weeks as he wrapped his brain around how a finished piece could emerge from rough materials so quickly! After hearing all the details (several times), Eric’s wife pursued this spark of excitement and set his woodturning journey in motion with a mini lathe and tool set for Christmas. Years later, Eric’s woodturning enthusiasm continues to grow. 

Like many turners, Eric began with scraps of 2x4s and “factory sharpened” tools. Several startling catches in the first few projects quickly focused him on the why and how of creating curls instead of settling for sawdust. Gaining tool control and improving technique became a personal quest. Whether creating a fitted lid box or multi-axis turning, a translucent or winged bowl, a hollow form or exploring surface embellishments, Eric enjoys projects which both challenge his skill and stretch his creative curiosity.

In the fall of 2002, Eric began a membership with the South Puget Sound Chapter of the AAW. He enjoyed serving on the board of directors from 2005-2012 and representing the club at several woodworking shows in addition to mentoring others at the club's monthly sawdust sessions. He began demonstrating and teaching woodturning classes at local woodworking stores in 2006. Since then, Eric has taught at multiple symposiums and has become a highly sought-after instructor for woodturning clubs across the United States and Canada. The constant exposure to other turners continues to transform his awareness and understanding of turning fundamentals.

Conscious of the importance tool control plays in creating pieces, Eric believes it is not only important to know which techniques work but also why they work. As a passionate teacher and woodturner, Eric is on a mission to impact the world of woodturning by helping others build confidence in tool control and developing their own creative voice!

There is nothing more powerful than being inspired by an idea and having the courage and confidence to create that one-of-a-kind piece… to Eric, this is what woodturning is all about!